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December 16, 2017
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It's 1 Versus 100 In This Intense Fight For Survival

Enter a Battle Royale with up to 99 other players in Survivor Royale. Get dropped in the middle of a large HD map packed with abandoned buildings and dangerous people. Scour the entire area for a weapon of ANY kind that you can use to defend yourself from the soon-to-come attacks from every side. Soon, your safe area begins to contract, forcing players into tighter quarters. In the end, only one of you can walk out alive. Will it be you?
Survivor Royale is a massive real-time PvP fight for survival where you have to find weapons, accessories, and other items to kill every other player in the game. Multiple game modes offer players team, solo, or paired battles to ensure there is always someone for you to murder in Survivor Royale.

Stream the Battle Royale To the Entire Web

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