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July 18, 2018
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Play War and Magic on PC 7

Control Powerful Forces To Control the World

The world has turned dark, dangerous, and dripping with blood. Take advantage of this turn to war and start amassing an army to control it all. Play War and Magic for a brand-new style of MMO that will blow you away.

Begin small, but quickly work your way up and grow a large kingdom. Search for resources with millions of other players in real-time. Erect buildings to help mine, farm, and otherwise gather resources used to become even more powerful. A chessboard-style battle system adds new elements to War and Magic that will force veteran players to change their strategies.

Bradcast Your Conquests With BlueStacks

The new and improved BlueStacks 4 player is now faster than ever and comes with the most convenient video game broadcasting controls ever. Now, thanks to BlueStacks 4, anybody (literally, anybody!) can start streaming War and Magic to massive online networks like Facebook Live, Twitch, and Twitter. Within minutes, you can start building an online presence through interactive video, chat, and shareable content that people want to see. Each day, millions of gamers search the internet for clips of their favorite video games. Play War and Magic on your computer and you can start streaming every battle to the entire internet for free.